Tetlow Kilns & Furnaces

About us

Tetlow holds a long history

The company was established in 1963, Tetlow kilns and furnaces have been manufacturing top quality kilns for over 50 years. We are considered one of Australia's most experienced and reliable kiln manufacturers, delivering value for our customer with all our products.

Extensive experience

With over 15 000 installations worldwide, Tetlow has an extensive experience and know-how which, combined with our great flexibility, allow us to easily tailor our products to fit individual requirements.

We listen and support our customers during every step, from sales to supply, installation and after-sales, to make every project a success.

Our kilns and furnaces are designed and manufactured to achieve excellent performance and durability. Fast design and manufacturing processes allow us to be competitive without any compromise in quality and performance.

An International Supplier

Proud to be Australian owned, we continue to improve our products, in full compliance with both Australian standards and best industry practice, to remain a major palyer in the industry and expand our presence globally.


Mission Statement: "Tetlow aims to be the leading supplier in kilns and furnaces, designing and manufacturing quality with an overriding commitment to value."