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Based in the Netherlands, Eternal Sun is a specialist company centred on solar simulation technology with the purpose of product and material testing. Unique in its core values, Eternal Sun ensures that all activities are based on quality, innovation and customer engagement. The company is dedicated to being a major partaker in various changes involved in renewable energy for global sustainability now and in the future. 

The company holds many reputable certificates, which further assures and guarantee customers that purchases are only of the highest quality, such as ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management System by Intertek Moody's from the International Organisation for Standards.

Another important certificate to note is from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), where a solar simulation equipment manufacturer can score between A to C on each category, producing results such as ABB class, BBB or a BCA etc. The three categories consist of results from spectral match, irradiation non-uniformity and temporal instability. Each score is calculated to provide a result based on IEC 60904-9, in which Eternal Sun is proudly graded at AAA Class.

Finally, a few additional benefits of the productsconsist of consistency, continuity and compactness.

Reputable in many countries worldwide and established within the industry, Tetlow is proud to become the Australian representative, working closely with Eternal Sun headquarters, to provide quality services to meet customer needs. 

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