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Pottery and working with clay can sometimes be said to be a soothing and relaxing task that can create attractive results and colour as end results. Being noted as a therapeutic activity and generally enjoyable, it has become a sought after hobby. For whichever reasoning that pottery interests you, we provide small easy to use kilns that are economical and simple. As a fundamental part of this hobby, it is a investment to own, and we have a variety of choices, with the option to plug into a wall and simply start! 

Hobbiest Kilns & Furnaces

Gas Fired Craft & Pottery Kilns

Although electric kilns are a more preferred choice, gas kilns are occasion...

Multi-sided Octagonal Craft & Pottery Kilns

Multi-sided (octagonal) kiln are electrically connected, and is uniquely de...

Small Electric Craft & Pottery Kilns

Electric kilns are currently the most common firing method. They are simple...